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Is your child entering Pre-K or Kindergarten?

Are they ready?

Are you?

In my 10+ years working in a public school I've noticed something and want to make sure all parents know about it. School teachers have a curriculum to follow and there is not much wiggle room to stop and make sure each child is keeping up. Children learns at a different pace and  Think of it as a wave in the ocean, it just keeps moving forward, and we hope that every child is keeping up. By preparing your child ahead of time and introducing them to the skills that are needed will help keep them on track and not get left behind. For this precise reason we have created Curio Bin School Readiness Kits for children entering Pre-K and Kindergarten. These are one time purchase bins that will help introduce and prepare you and your child to the skills they will need during the school year.

By purchasing a Curio Bin School Readiness Kit you will receive:


  • A carefully planned and logically laid out activity plan based on the expertise of an Occupational Therapist who has worked in a school based setting for over 10 years. We know what skills the child needs to learn, the topics that the child will learn, and the overall curriculum that the child will experience.


  • Toys and educational items that will focus on all the skills the child will be introduced to in Pre-K and Kindergarten. The bin will focus on sequencing, cutting, writing, hand-strengthening, pattern recognition...


  • We will help relieve the anxiety and uneasiness that children can feel seeing and trying things for the first time in school. By following the included guide, your child will be ready and familiar with many of the challenges these grades will bring.


  • Summer is the perfect time for our Curio Bin School Readiness kit. For kids entering Pre-K this will prepare them for their new world of education. For kids going in to Kindergarten, our bins will help make sure that the child does not regress over the summer and continues building on the skills they have learned in the previous school year.

- Available in the U.S.
- Free Shipping in the U.S. 
- One time purchase - no subsciptions
My child is entering Pre-K
My child is entering Kindergarten