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PLAY (plā/) noun :

The occupation of every child

Let us simplify toy selection by sending you each quarter,

a carefully curated set of toys, along with specific

activities designed to promote growth and development for your little one.

How It Works


Select the plan that works best for your family. Curio Bin will then customize the subscription to tailor to your child's exact age and developmental needs

Each quarter we carefully review, select, package, and ship your set of toys and activity plan right to your door

From the moment your child opens a Curio Bin, they will be exposed to developmentally appropriate learning that is both fun and educational

Our bins ship QUARTERLY (every 3 months)

Using our Activity Plan

Each Curio Bin contains a specific activity plan designed by a pediatric occupational therapist. The programs are tailored to your child's developmental needs and the type of play that is age-appropriate. Because your child also receives a new set of toys and activities each quarter, it creates an organized, engaging, and developmentally appropriate way to learn and play. 

For each toy in your Curio Bin, we will provide the following information:

This section explains what areas of development the toy promotes and any unique features it may have.

This section will suggest simplified activity ideas to help create an appropriate challenge for the child, allowing them to explore the toy more freely.

This section should be used once the child has mastered the downgraded activity program for a new and exciting challenge. All of our activities are designed in a developmental sequence to promote skill building.  

Areas Of Child Development We Focus On

Sensory Integration

Cognition and Language 

Gross Motor

Visual Perception

Fine Motor


Curio Bin caters to children ages birth- 4 years old

A must have! Very educational and fun. My girl who is 12 months old absolutely loves the egg shakers and the peg board!     


- I.Y.

Amazing box! Carefully thought out and fun for kids! My child enjoyed each and every toy. I loved the fact that it came with instructions on how your child should use each toy and benefit from each toy.


- L.K

What an incredible tool for age appropriate development!!! Have been looking for something like this to cater to my little ones needs for a long time. Gives mama a brainstorming break... Yesss! Can't wait for what's next!



A must have!!!! Saving so much money and space by not buying useless toys. This is purposeful educational and fun!



Absolutely loved our curio bin. Very organized and well thought out. I was searching for something age appropriate for our child for long time and this is perfect box. Looking forward to ordering more!



What Families Are Saying About Our Bins

I am a working mom and don't have time to research toys or go to stores. I love how this came straight to my door with cool activities and I literally don't have to do anything!!

- M.K.

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