Frequently Asked Questions

What is Curio Bin?
Curio Bin is a monthly subscription box shipped to your home or business. Inside the box is a carefully and professionally curated set of toys and books. The toys are age appropriate and synced to your child's level of development. Most importantly you will also receive an activity plan that will guide you in making the most out of every toy.
How will you know what toys to send to my child?
Before you checkout you will be asked a few short questions that will help ensure that we send the appropriate toys that will make development fun for your child.
Who actually picks my toys?
We have created a robot from the future that's sole purpose is to choose toys. Just kidding. Every single toy and every single box is chosen and put together by me, an Occupational Therapist with over 10 years experience working with children. Please click HERE to learn more about me.
What ages do you have toys for?
We have boxes for children ages 0-4 years old.
When will I receive my first box?
We ship our boxes the second week of every month. Our cut off date is the 5th of every month. For example, A box purchased between the dates of January 6th - February 5th, will be shipped out 2nd week of February. Orders received after the 5th of the month will be shipped out until the following month. For example, a box purchased on February 6th will be shipped out the 2nd week of March. If you are purchasing a gift and need the box sooner, please email us after your purchase and we will do everything we can to get the box to you (or your gift recipient) as soon as possible.
When will I be billed?
At the time of your initial purchase you will be charged. If you choose a recurring subscription you will be charged on the 19th of every month. Please remember that our cut off date is the 5th of every month. If you purchase a recurring subscription and your initial purchase is after the 5th of the month, your next charge will be the following month. 
What if I already have a similar toy at home?
For most of us parents, our homes can at times resemble a toy store that's been hit by a tornado. Our children have been gifted hundreds, if not thousands, of toys by us as parents and by friends and relatives. We at Curio Bin try to find unique toys that are high quality. Furthermore the most important aspect of what we do is to help parents make the most out of every toy that we send by giving different ways to play with that toy.
Do any of the toys require batteries?
No. As a general philosophy of Curio Bin, we do not send any toys that light up, play sounds or require any batteries. Imagination is the foundation of learning, growth, development and play. In a sense, any toy that "does" something on its own, takes away a chance for the child to use their imagination. No, don't throw out every battery operated toy in your house or your computer/tablet. Every toy has a place in the development of a child.
How many toys will I receive in each box?
Every box will be sent with 2-4 toys and a book. For the most part you will receive 3 toys plus a book.
I received my box and I am still confused about the upgrade and downgrade system on the activity plan?
The upgrades and downgrades for each toy help guide a parent (or caregiver) in making the most out of every toy and extending the life of the toy. For every toy we will give you some ideas of how they could be used to help the development of your child. However, children develop at different speeds and at different times so the upgrade and downgrade activities address that. If you see that your child cannot use the toy as instructed, then please try the downgraded activity. If you see that your child has mastered both the downgraded and original activities, then challenge them with the upgraded activity.
Where else can I get more information about toys, play and child development?
Please follow us on Instagram and Facebook to find tips, research and additional ways to help make the most of your child's growth.
Do we accept returns?
We generally do not accept returns. Please reach out to us regarding any issues or concerns. We reserve the right to review these on a case by case basis. If your bin arrives and the toys inside are damaged, we will require proof via pictures emailed to
How can I contact you with any questions, suggestions or concerns?
Please email us at or you may click HERE
How can I modify or cancel my subscription?
Please click "login" at the top of this page or you may click HERE